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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Daughter Luna Threw Out the First Pitch at a Baseball Game


The family attended a Seattle Mariners game on Tuesday while in Washington for Legend’s back-to-back concerts last weekend, and 1-year-old Luna had the honor of throwing out the first pitch. After donning a tiny personalized jersey (which went perfectly with her cropped jeans and itty-bitty pink Converse) and warming up the crowd with a little wave from her dad’s arms, Luna took her spot about three feet from home plate. And on second try, Luna sent the baseball zooming over the plate like a pro. Her starting pitch was apparently a lucky charm for the Mariners: They went on to beat the Minnesota Twins 12-3.

The Mariners originally asked Teigen to do the honors, with the team’s senior marketing manager writing to her on Twitter, “We have front row Diamond Club tickets for you Tuesday night….and any interest in throwing out the first pitch?!” Teigen dodged the question, responding, “….can I be the umpire,” and adding, “I’ve done it before and I wanted to cry I was so scared – I will do ANYTHING else.” Then, she got the fantastic idea of volunteering her daughter for the job, so she added her husband to the loop and wrote, “Can luna do it @johnlegend please please please.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

The proud parents shared several photos from the big night after Luna slayed the first pitch, including a few where Luna is more preoccupied with digging into the bucket of bubblegum in the dugout than posing for a family pic. (“I have never been so proud,” Teigen captioned the snap on Twitter.) The supermodel also shared an especially sweet one of the whole fam sitting on the field, Legend and Teigen smiling down at their daughter.



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