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All the Signs Jon and Daenerys Are Definitely Getting Together on ‘Game of Thrones’


Game of Thrones fans lost their minds two weeks ago when Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally met face to face. It was a long time coming—six years, to be exact—and, if you recall, their first interaction wasn’t exactly warm. Jon refused to “bend the knee” to Daenerys, as she requested, and they both let their agendas get in the way of reaching common ground. Their subsequent meetings haven’t been much better, either. That cave scene from episode four was downright intense. Sure, it feels like the political ice between them is melting (pun intended), but we still have a long way to go.

Even still, we can’t help but notice the sexual energy between Jon and Daenerys. The GoT army is pretty divided on this topic. Some fans aren’t here for them potentially shackin’ up because Daenerys is technically Jon’s aunt; others aren’t thinking twice about the incest and ship them hardcore. (After all, this wouldn’t be the first time family members hooked up on GoT. It’s basically the show’s M.O.—well, that and dragons.)

But will it happen? Will Jon and Daenerys bang? We don’t know for sure—yet—but all signs point to yes. People from both in front of and behind the camera on Game of Thrones have opened up about this alleged relationship, and their quotes suggest Jon and Daenerys are in for a pretty steamy future. Don’t believe us? Here are the receipts:

GoT co-showrunner David Benioff confirmed Jon and Daenerys are attracted to each other. “There’s conflict, and it’s conflict between powerful people,” he said in a post-episode video, according to The Huffington Post.
(He was specifically referring to the cave scene from episode four.) “And to make it all even more complicated, they’re starting to be attracted to each other. So much of it is not through dialogue, or anything we wrote, it’s just the two of them in a small space, standing near each other, and us just watching that and feeling the heat of that.”

Kit Harington said Jon clocked Daenerys’ beauty the second they met. “He walks into the room and doesn’t expect to see such a beautiful young woman of similar age to him,” Harington told Entertainment Weekly. “Any young man’s reaction is going to be, ‘OK…’ but he puts that aside, because he has to.”

Ser Davos called Jon out for looking at Daenerys’ “heart” after the cave scene. This was obviously code for Dany’s breasts, which is rude on Jon’s part, of course—but it triple-confirms he has the hots for her. Jon Snow is a fifth grader.

Jon guided Daenerys through the cave by touching her arm. Just pointing would’ve sufficed, but Jon wanted to make physical contact with Daenerys. Why? Because! 👏 He’s! 👏 Into! 👏 Her! 👏

The name of the GoT book series is A Song of Ice and Fire. Fans associate Jon with ice and Daenerys with fire. With this title, author George R.R. Martin is basically suggesting the central relationship in GoT is between J and D—well, maybe he is. This is just a theory—but a damn good one!

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